A Complete Solution for Smart LED Lighting, Energy and Operational Efficiency, and Enhanced Security


Cost-effective perimeter security

NetSense for Airports offers a unique and effective solution for enhanced security through the airport terminal, parking lots and perimeter.  By embedding video and other sensors inside LED luminaires, energy savings are combined with high-power security technology.

Video-based, proactive alerting

Embedded cameras and analytics identify incidents real-time and alert authorities.  Capabilities include license-plate recognition, intrusion detection, forbidden area trespassing, and other configurable advanced security applications. 

Operational efficiencies

Embedded video technology delivers real-time analytics for the use of resource allocation throughout an airport environment.  Knowing queue length, estimated wait times, and traffic congestion helps airport officials deploy and adjust resources in an optimal way based on real-time input.

AAAE's Todd Hauptli goes One on One with Hugh Martin, CEO of Sensity Systems, who discusses a transformational approach to LED lighting as well as direct airport-related applications made possible through a new networked platform allowing for the utilization of video analytics, cloud computing and big data.