NetSense Nodes

Core Node

The Sensity Systems Core Node EX is an integral part of our NetSense platform - an open architecture-based light sensory network that can be deployed along with LED luminaires. We designed the NetSense Core Node EX to instantly convert LED fixtures into IP-enabled sensory nodes. As part of the light sensory network they provide both the lighting control and cloud-based IoT services via a standard NEMA socket. 

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Video Node

The Sensity Systems Video Node is part of our NetSense Platform – the world’s leading Light Sensory Network. With NetSense you can turn light fixtures into sensor equipped smart LED devices that capture and transmit real-time data. The NetSense Video Node contains a powerful computational engine, designed to analyze high resolution video. It creates distinct data streams and alerts for smart parking, traffic monitoring and security services. Our video node can also make video streams available to security applications such as video management systems. 

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