NetSense Platform

NetSense is the the next-generation Light Sensory Network platform that delivers value beyond adaptive controls across lighting infrastructures.

The NetSense platform is comprised of technology that turns LED light fixtures into sensor-equipped, smart devices capable of capturing and transmitting data near real-time, providing unprecedented actionable insight and enabling a broad array of applications and services.

Key Components of NetSense

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High-speed and real-time

Data must be communicated with low latency in real-time. For many NetSense applications, including the sensing and alerting of suspicious behavior, or the detection of gunshots, the application is only possible if data is analyzed on the order of milliseconds. 

Distributed intelligence

Data-intensive sensing is only successful if distributed intelligence can pick out critical data from the noise and turn it into valuable information. NetSense nodes have embedded advanced compute capacity that is powerful enough to perform real-time video analytics on raw HD video streams. This capability turns cameras not into mere recording devices but into high-value sensors.

High data throughput rate

Some of the most data-rich sensors, including HD video sensors, require high-bandwidth networking technology. Sensity designed and optimized its hardware and network architecture—from the network elements to the back-end software—to accommodate this class of data. By leveraging 802.11a/n WiFi for local area networking and cellular or fiber for data backhaul, NetSense can accommodate the most data intensive of sensors.

Data security

As it is a platform designed to support rich datasets, NetSense has been architected from the ground up to safeguard data. This means that there are layers of security throughout the system, from each node to the cloud.

Cloud-based platform

The ability of NetSense to evolve and adjust to growing applications and requirements over time is made possible by basing the platform in the cloud. Through the cloud, applications, feature updates, and firmware upgrades may be delivered seamlessly—in turn enabling new capabilities, enhanced functionality, and increased security.

Open API and ecosystem of applications

The rich ecosystem of NetSense applications—from smart parking to gunshot detection—is a direct result of Sensity’s cloud-based architecture and open API, which allows developers and partners access to real-time data delivered by the nodes, while maintaining strict security and ensuring reliability and availability.

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