Sensity Privacy Principles

As the pioneer of Light Sensory Networks, Sensity understands
the importance of privacy, and so do our customers.

We have adopted five privacy principles that guide how we build our products and operate our business.

1. Privacy by Design 

Incorporate privacy and security protections from the beginning.

We build our technology with privacy and security in mind from the very beginning. For example, we built a distributed architecture for NetSense. Each device can process and store information locally. This offers privacy compliance benefits by reducing transfers of personal information across geographic regions.

2. Data Minimization

Minimize incidental collection, sharing, and storage of personal information.

Our technology enables customers to minimize the incidental collection, sharing and storage of personal information. While customers can connect existing surveillance solutions to NetSense, we offer privacy enabled security applications that translate video data into anonymous activity information. For example, NetSense apps can report car and pedestrian traffic without ever identifying a specific car or person. The analytics count the presence of cars and pedestrians and share this with the application as anonymous activity information.

3. Robust Security

Implement and maintain a robust information security program.

Our built-in security measures play both preventive and remedial roles to maintain data security. Devices and applications connect to NetSense using AES 128-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). In addition, we conduct regular internal reviews of our practices to keep up to date with new and evolving standards in our industry.

4. Transparency

Communicate privacy policies clearly.

We are committed to being transparent about Sensity’s practices. We communicate our privacy policies in a straightforward way and we are open to feedback for how we can make them more helpful. Additionally, we are also committed to training our partners and customers based on a privacy and security approach that we’ve developed for Light Sensory Networks.

5. Accountability

Implement and maintain a comprehensive privacy program.

We implement and maintain a comprehensive program to ensure we adhere to these Principles. For example, we have adopted an application privacy framework. We conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to log applications available in the NetSense application platform. In addition, we work with data protection regulators around the world to develop and implement effective privacy policies and we have our program reviewed by independent third parties to make sure that we get privacy right.